Get the ACTHPA XC Contacts spreadsheet (access required)

ACTHPA XC Contacts

The ACTHPA XC Contacts spreadsheet is hosted on Google Sheets. If you’re a local or visiting pilot, or a retrieve driver then we’re happy to give you access – just fill out the form below or if it’s urgent ask on Telegram.

How to access the spreadsheet

Step 1:

Step 2:

Once you have access please add a row for yourself, and take care not to change any of the other rows (we have revision history but it would still be a nuisance). Don’t add any details you’re not comfortable with any local or visiting pilot or retrieve driver who may ever join the group having. Also please don’t use the details here to contact anyone if it’s not directly related to flying.

Once you’re done, make sure you’re familiar with our XC Protocol to make the most of the spreadsheet.