We use Telegram to coordinate our flying logistics on flying days and for flying-related chat on non-flying days. Telegram is an app you can install on your phone for group chat, location sharing, photo sharing etc.

How to Join the ACTHPA Telegram Group

Step 1: Install Telegram

Go to telegram.org and follow the links to install it for your platform.

Step 2: Request to join the ACTHPA Telegram group:

By joining the group you agree to adhere to the group rules:

  • Use the group to the benefit of the ACT flying community, which includes members of the ACTHPA, any pilots visiting the region, retrieve drivers, etc.
  • Keep things clean and civil – don’t say anything you wouldn’t say in person, and don’t say anything if you don’t have anything nice to say.
  • Commercial posts must be relevant and of interest to our users. If in doubt ask a moderator before posting.