Spring Hill is a west-facing soaring and thermic site just 20 minutes from the centre of Canberra. It is a versatile site, with possible flights ranging from short hops on the beginner slopes through to sleddies from the top when it’s light, hours of spacious soaring when it’s stronger, transitioning to thermalling when the day heats up. It’s even possible to go XC, though getting away is made more challenging by the low 4,500ft airspace. A classic Spring Hill experience is to watch the sun set during an evening glass-off, where the wind turns buttery smooth, and the lift band extends for hundreds of metres out the front of the hill.

For information on flying Spring Hill, check out the Spring Hill site guide.

Longest flights from Spring Hill

Trent BrownHang GliderMoyes Litespeed Rx3.5152.80km2012-11-04
Andrew LutonHang GliderAirborne C4-13.579.70km2013-10-30
Phil RobinsonHang Glider69.40km2009-12-06
Phil RobinsonHang GliderMoyes Litespeed Rs 3.556.90km2009-11-10
Dave MayHang Glider36.40km2009-12-09
Phil RobinsonParagliderBgd Cure 234.52km2022-11-18
Dave MayHang GliderMoyes Rs432.20km2010-12-13
Trent BrownHang GliderMoyes Litespeed Rs3.529.90km2011-01-21
Shaun ArcherParagliderNova Mentor 228.14km2016-03-19
Trent BrownHang GliderMoyes Litespeed Rs3.525.80km2011-01-26