The Lanyon site overlooks Canberra’s most southern suburb. It is west-facing, and its valley location means that it can sometimes be flyable when other sites are blown out. It holds potential for XC, but like Spring Hill it starts out with a 4,500ft airspace ceiling, so getting away can be challenging.

For information on flying at Lanyon, check out the Lanyon site guide.

Longest flights from Lanyon

Marco Gandi 🐓ParagliderNova Mentor 611.38km2021-10-18
Jonathan BishopParagliderOzone Lm 69.11km2020-05-16
Stuart McelroyParagliderSkywalk X-alps 57.21km2024-03-24
Jonathan BishopParagliderOzone Delta 36.64km2019-04-24
Shaun ArcherParagliderNova Mentor5 Light5.90km2018-01-01