Lake George is Canberra’s ‘coastal’ site. We soar the 20km+ ridge on the western side of the lake in an easterly breeze, cruising above the Federal Highway. We usually launch at the southern end of the ridge, which we refer to as ‘the lake’, ‘geary’s gap’, or the ‘south launch’. This allows easy launching and top landing, and a huge lake-sized landing paddock. But airspace is at only 3,500ft here, so to go XC we fly to the northern end of the ridge, or start at the Collector launch. The lake is also an ideal place for powered paraglider and weight-shift microlight flying.

For information on flying Lake George, check out the Lake George site guide.

Longest flights from Lake George (South and Geary’s launches)

Rafael EsquillaroParagliderNiviuk Icepeak 7 Pro183.23km2017-01-04
Trent BrownHang GliderMoyes Litespeed Rs3.5121.80km2011-11-23
Andrew LutonHang GliderAirborne C4 13.5102.90km2014-02-12
Trent BrownHang GliderAirborne C4 13.5100.20km2009-02-01
Dave MayHang GliderAirborne C4 13.580.30km2009-05-20
Dave MayHang GliderAirborne C4 13.575.30km2009-04-21
Trent BrownHang GliderMoyes Litespeed Rs3.572.10km2011-04-26
Grant EdwardHang Glider59.80km2009-11-13
Phil SeeleyHang GliderAirborne C4-1359.00km2014-02-11
Barry OliverParagliderOzone Addict256.70km2009-03-08