Collector is a launch at the northern end of Lake George. It takes an easterly, and can be soarable, but it is primarily a thermic site. It has a higher airspace ceiling than other sites close to the ACT, at 6,500ft, which makes it good for cross-country.

For information on flying from Collector, check out the Collector site guide.

Longest flights from Collector

Dave MayHang Glider318.60km2010-02-01
Trent BrownHang GliderMoyes Litespeed Rs3.5195.40km2011-01-28
Alex ChapmanParagliderNova Mentor 4188.18km2020-01-19
Rene SedlmParagliderAdvance Sigma 10162.00km2018-02-04
Trent BrownHang GliderMoyes Litespeed Rs3.5137.30km2011-12-15
Trent BrownHang GliderMoyes Litespeed Rs3.5135.30km2012-03-18
Dave MayHang Glider126.40km2010-03-11
Andrew LutonHang GliderAirborne C4 13.5125.60km2013-11-17
Alex ChapmanParagliderBgd Cure 2122.98km2023-01-21
Jonathan BishopParagliderOzone Lm 6121.30km2019-12-08