The CanGlide paragliding simulator provides one of the best possible virtual reality paragliding experiences for our club members and visitors alike.

The simulator is ideal for:

  • pilots wanting to fly on days when the weather is not suitable to fly for real,
  • family and friends who might want to find out what paragliding is like,
  • pilots wanting to experience flying at a new site before they go there,
  • experienced pilots wanting to help new pilots improve their thermalling, soaring or landing skills,
  • instructors to augment their teaching of new pilots, and in the future,
  • XC and landing accuracy competitions.

An hour session is $60 and a 30 minute session is $40.

Events for small groups can be arranged on request.

The simulator is conveniently located at Jet Flight Simulator Canberra, 4 Montford Cres, Lyneham.


Booking is essential but easy to arrange. You can directly message Alex Boiko, Paul Shipley (Shippers), Michael Claringbould or Nick Lemon, or send an email to with your contact details and your preferred date and time. One of the CanGlide operators will contact you to arrange your virtual reality flying session.

Who and what is CanGlide?

Local pilots, Alex Boiko, Paul Shipley (Shippers), Michael Claringbould and Nick Lemon have set up CanGlide to facilitate the operation of probably the most capable and realistic paragliding simulator available today.

Our vision for the simulator is that will be seen and used as a local flying site by club members and visitors alike.

The simulator is one of two in Australia and was built in 2023 by ex-hang glider pilot Mal Osborne and uses a high-end gaming PC with a top of the range graphics card and one of the most capable virtual reality headsets. To avoid any problems with nausea, the simulator physically turns the pilot as they turn in flight. All these features ensure the pilot has the best possible virtual reality experience.

Alex, Shippers, Michael and Nick have used their own money to set up CanGlide, but they do not receive any financial benefit. All money raised from selling flights is used to sustain the simulator as a local asset for pilots and to develop the software further, working collaboratively with Mal Osborne.