This site is suitable for all SAFA pilots and is able to be used by anyone who would like to experience what paragliding is like, whether they be friends or family. The many virtual reality (VR) sites available to choose from take winds from all directions. Landing zones vary from target spot landings to out-landings in the mountains, valleys or plains depending on your chosen scenario.


Flight simulations start at a point after launch, either close by for thermic flights, or near landing areas in simulations which focus on spot landing accuracy or out-landing decision making. Some simulations are dune or ridge soaring and these commence at points shortly after take-off or in an established soaring pattern for which the pilot must master clean and efficient turns to remain aloft or else find a safe top or bottom landing.


Vehicular access is available with good parking options at the site. The address is 4 Montford Cres, Lyneham. The paragliding simulator is located at the premises of Jet Flight Simulator Canberra (JFSC).

Who and what is CanGlide

Four local pilots, Alex Boiko, Paul Shipley (Shippers), Michael Claringbould and Nick Lemon have set up CanGlide to facilitate the operation of probably the most capable and realistic paragliding simulator available today. Around 150,000 Euro was spent on its development in the Netherlands by Flightcoach. Alex, Shippers, Michael and Nick have put in their own money to set CanGlide up however they are not receiving any financial benefit themselves. All money raised from selling flights is directed toward paying Flightcoach’s monthly licence fee and other minor administration costs. Check out the CanGlide website for more details.


Booking is essential but easy to arrange. Either use the form on CanGlide’s website or send an email to with your details and your preferred date and time. One of the CanGlide operators will get in touch and set up an appointment for you.


Everyone who has tried the simulator has found it exceeded their expectations, so be prepared for a desire to want more flights!


The landowner is Trevor, who runs Jet Flight Simulator Canberra. Trevor allows the simulator to be located at the premises where there is a 737 jet simulator and two Icaros weight-shift VR simulators. Trevor sells PG simulator flights to his customers, and this covers the equivalent of CanGlide’s rent. However, if you want the benefit of an experienced paragliding pilot to operate the simulator be sure to book through CanGlide.