The ACT and surrounding region have some great flying sites.

Site Guides

Also check out the Info page for general information on flying in the Canberra region.

Spring Hill

Spring Hill is a west-facing soaring and thermic site just 20 minutes from the centre of Canberra. It is a versatile site, with possible flights ranging from short hops on the beginner slopes through to sleddies from the top when it’s light, hours of spacious soaring when it’s stronger, transitioning to thermalling when the day heats up. It’s even possible to go XC, though getting away is made more challenging by the low 4,500ft airspace. A classic Spring Hill experience is to watch the sun set during an evening glass-off, where the wind turns buttery smooth, and the lift band extends for hundreds of metres out the front of the hill.

For information on flying Spring Hill, check out the Spring Hill site guide.

Longest flights from Spring Hill

Trent BrownHang GliderMoyes Litespeed Rx3.5152.80km2012-11-04
Andrew LutonHang GliderAirborne C4-13.579.70km2013-10-30
Phil RobinsonHang Glider69.40km2009-12-06
Phil RobinsonHang GliderMoyes Litespeed Rs 3.556.93km2009-11-10
Dave MayHang Glider36.40km2009-12-09
Dave MayHang GliderMoyes Rs432.20km2010-12-13
Trent BrownHang GliderMoyes Litespeed Rs3.529.90km2011-01-21
Shaun ArcherParagliderNova Mentor 228.14km2016-03-19
Phil RobinsonHang GliderAirborne Fun 19026.35km2008-02-10
Trent BrownHang GliderMoyes Litespeed Rs3.525.80km2011-01-26

Lake George

Lake George is Canberra’s ‘coastal’ site. We soar the 20km+ ridge on the western side of the lake in an easterly breeze, cruising above the Federal Highway. We usually launch at the southern end of the ridge, which we refer to as ‘the lake’, ‘geary’s gap’, or the ‘south launch’. This allows easy launching and top landing, and a huge lake-sized landing paddock. But airspace is at only 3,500ft here, so to go XC we fly to the northern end of the ridge, or start at the Collector launch. The lake is also an ideal place for powered paraglider and weight-shift microlight flying.

For information on flying Lake George, check out the Lake George site guide.

Longest flights from Lake George (South and Geary’s launches)

Rafael EsquillaroParagliderNiviuk Icepeak 7 Pro183.23km2017-01-04
Trent BrownHang GliderMoyes Litespeed Rs3.5121.80km2011-11-23
Andrew LutonHang GliderAirborne C4 13.5102.90km2014-02-12
Trent BrownHang GliderAirborne C4 13.5100.20km2009-02-01
Andrew BarnesHang GliderMoyes Lss 3.584.82km2009-11-13
Dave MayHang GliderAirborne C4 13.580.33km2009-05-20
Dave MayHang GliderAirborne C4 13.575.30km2009-04-21
Trent BrownHang GliderMoyes Litespeed Rs3.572.10km2011-04-26
Trent BrownHang GliderMoyes Litespeed Rs3.571.28km2009-12-30
Grant EdwardHang Glider59.80km2009-11-13


The Lanyon site overlooks Canberra’s most southern suburb. It is west-facing, and its valley location means that it can sometimes be flyable when other sites are blown out. It holds potential for XC, but like Spring Hill it starts out with a 4,500ft airspace ceiling, so getting away can be challenging.

For information on flying at Lanyon, check out the Lanyon site guide.

Longest flights from Lanyon

Trent BrownHang GliderMoyes Litespeed Rs3.512.03km2010-05-24
Marco Gandi 🪂ParagliderNova Mentor 611.38km2021-10-18
Jonathan BishopParagliderOzone Lm 69.11km2020-05-16
Jonathan BishopParagliderOzone Delta 36.64km2019-04-24
Shaun ArcherParagliderNova Mentor5 Light5.90km2018-01-01


Collector is a launch at the northern end of Lake George. It takes an easterly, and can be soarable, but it is primarily a thermic site. It has a higher airspace ceiling than other sites close to the ACT, at 6,500ft, which makes it good for cross-country.

For information on flying from Collector, check out the Collector site guide.

Longest flights from Collector

Dave MayHang GliderMoyes Rs3.5318.63km2010-02-01
Trent BrownHang GliderMoyes Litespeed Rs3.5195.40km2011-01-28
Alex ChapmanParagliderNova Mentor 4188.18km2020-01-19
Rene SedlmParagliderAdvance Sigma 10162.00km2018-02-04
Trent BrownHang GliderMoyes Litespeed Rs3.5137.30km2011-12-15
Trent BrownHang GliderMoyes Litespeed Rs3.5135.30km2012-03-18
Dave MayHang GliderMoyes Rs3.5126.44km2010-03-11
Andrew LutonHang GliderAirborne C4 13.5125.60km2013-11-17
Jonathan BishopParagliderOzone Lm 6121.30km2019-12-08
Jonathan BishopParagliderOzone Delta 3116.52km2020-11-07


Honeysuckle Site Guide

Longest flights from Honeysuckle

Daniel ThuillierParagliderAirdesign Rise 4165.71km2020-12-10
Matthew PengellyParagliderGin Gliders Sprint 375.17km2022-01-02
Daniel ThuillierParagliderAirdesign Rise 472.89km2022-01-02
Stuart McelroyParagliderGin Gliders Boomerang Gto254.23km2022-02-08
Daniel ThuillierParagliderAirdesign Rise 449.60km2021-03-03

Pig Hill

Pig Hill is closed except for organised club days. For more information see the Pig Hill site guide.

Longest flights from Pig Hill

Trent BrownHang GliderMoyes Litespeed Rs3.5153.10km2012-01-28
Grant EdwardHang GliderAirborne C4-13.5140.19km2008-12-06
Trent BrownHang GliderAirborne C4 13.5125.11km2009-03-01
Trent BrownHang GliderMoyes Litespeed Rs3.5103.50km2011-01-29
Dave MayHang GliderMoyes Rs3.595.22km2009-11-10

Lake George

Geary’s gap is just across the highway from the south launch, but is currently closed. For more information see the Lake George (Geary’s Gap) site guide.