Phil has been involved with the ACTHPA since 1991, when the Association was just a very small group of hang glider pilots and he has been instrumental in its growth over the past 25 years. He has served on the Executive Committee and has represented the Association’s interests politically and socially to increase public awareness of our sport.

Phil has been responsible for negotiating with land owners to secure the flying sites of Geary’s Gap, Lanyon, Castle Hill, Barromba Station, Williamsdale and Spring Hill. He represented the Association’s interests to the Department of Lands during the redevelopment of the Federal Highway around Lake George.

Phil has made a significant contribution to Canberra pilots and local instructors through his purchase of the Spring Hill property, which is the most utilised site in Canberra taking advantage of the predominant westerly wind direction.

He has participated in a flying shoot for the “Sydney Weekender” TV Show, been winched up over Canberra at the Canberra Air Show, has executed a balloon drop over Canberra during the Balloon Festival, attended several school kite festivals and has been interviewed by local reporters to promote our sport.

Additionally, Phil has contributed at working bees across all of the sites used by the club and serves as a Senior Safety Officer in both the paragliding and hang gliding disciplines. Phil regularly provides guidance and support to novice pilots, particularly at Spring Hill, and freely gives his time to encourage and foster a love of flying and friendship among his fellow pilots.