Michael Porter has been involved with the ACTHPA since 1996 and has been involved in various aspects of club life during that time. Michael has served as Club President and on the Executive Committee, in most cases taking responsibility for site maintenance, including working bees, landowner relationships and site negotiations with NPWS as well as the ACT Government.

Although no longer a site officer of the Association, Michael continues to informally undertake these activities from time to time. Michael has also been a Safety Officer in the past although does not currently hold this endorsement.

Michael, together with Tove Heaney, coordinated, planned and carried out the Tumut Easter fly-in event which was an integral event in the club’s calendar for many years. This event was welcomed by the town of Tumut and the general flying community as an annual function of some proportion before the popularity of state of origin and other events.

Michael has also for some years, and continues to represent the ACTHPA at the Fairlight Rural Fire Service (Pig Hill).