Alistair has been flying since 1995 and associated with the ACTHPA for many of those years. He has been involved in various aspects of club life during that time. Alistair has served on the Executive Committee in multiple roles and as Association President.

Most notably, over the last ten years Alistair has been the driving force behind building and maintaining the Association’s wind-talkers, which are now utilised by other clubs at sites across Australia.

Alistair commenced as a Safety Officer in 2007, and since 2011 has served as a paragliding Senior Safety Officer. In this role, Alistair has run numerous endorsements and clinics to assist local pilots with advancing through experience levels and attaining necessary qualifications. It must also be remembered that Alistair has contributed many hours of supervision and mentorship at our sites around Canberra as a duty pilot, providing novice pilots with guidance and support to fly in their early days, many times resulting in him not getting the opportunity to fly himself.

Alistair has also contributed at working bees, and assisting with general bits and pieces whenever asked. Alistair has also assisted our national body, the HGFA with investigations and other matters within the scope of his professional expertise.

Alistair is also the inventor of the Blue Fly variometer. Although this is not directly attributed to his involvement with the ACTHPA, the invention itself has been widely adopted by the flying community globally and is a significant addition to the sport.

The committee wishes to acknowledge his considerable contribution with a Life Membership.