With the help of our friends at https://turnpointchallenge.com we ran a challenge throughout the flying season to collect turnpoints in the ACT region (including Corryong). This year we added a few more turnpoints to make a total of 194!

See the results at ACTHPA 2021 Turnpoint Challenge page.

2020 Results

The 2020 challenge had ten pilots log flights in which they collected turnpoints. The overall winner was Daniel Thuillier with 41 points. Dan tagged points at Lake George, Collector, Spring Hill, Honeysuckle and Corryong, and also managed to tag Bookham on a flight between Honeysuckle and Cowra. In second place was Matthew Pengelly with 26 points. In third place was David Snowden with 24 points.

The fun class winner was Marco Gandi with 19 points. Second place in fun class was Adam Bryden with 11 points. Third place in fun class was Paul Shipley with 4 points.

The winner in hang gliders was Phil Robinson on 5 points. Phil was the only entrant to fly a hang glider, and he also scored 10 points on his paraglider.

The highest score in an individual flight went to David Snowden with 9 points for this flight in Corryong. The highest score in an individual flight in fun class went to Marco Gandi with 7 points for this flight along the Lake George ridge.

Well done everyone, and good luck this year!