The Corryong Paragliding Open took take place in February. Six Canberra pilots took part, with Kari Ellis taking 8th place overall and 2nd in the Women’s category.

Competition group photo. 📷 Heidi Krueger

Task summaries are on airScore, as are the overall results.

If you want some sense of what the racing was like, check out the Ayvri ‘Horse Races’ that Zane Priebbenow puts together from everyone’s tracklogs:

Here are some tips for watching the horse races on Ayvri:

  • Check out the course first on airScore,
  • Select an interesting pilot to watch (e.g. the winner of the task),
  • Make it fullscreen (square icon bottom right),
  • Turn off tracks so you can see what’s going on (third icon from bottom right, then click the squiggle),
  • Slow it down to at least 32x real time (minus icon bottom left),
  • Expand the stats so you can see the pilot’s altitude and climb rate (middle right), (for reference the altitude of the valley floor is usually around 300m),
  • Zoom in and out by scrolling, click and drag to move the view around,
  • The race doesn’t begin right at the start, the pilots first gather for the start which happens at a prearranged time, so watch for when everyone starts going fast in the same direction.
Marco and Al. 📷 Heidi Krueger
Al Dickie prepares his gear. 📷 Heidi Krueger
Did you remember your pee tube Alex? 📷 Heidi Krueger
Cat’s Cradle line technique. 📷 Heidi Krueger
Wings roosting in the shade. 📷 Heidi Krueger
The day’s task has been set. 📷 Heidi Krueger
Task 2 task board. 📷 Heidi Krueger
Task 2 task map. 📷 Heidi Krueger
The Alexs enter the task. 📷 Heidi Krueger
Task 3 task board. 📷 Heidi Krueger
Task 3 task map. 📷 Heidi Krueger
Phil gives some technical advice. 📷 Heidi Krueger
Triple redundancy. 📷 Heidi Krueger
Al for peace. 📷 Heidi Krueger
Dan looks confident today. 📷 Heidi Krueger
Deploy the wind dummy! 📷 Heidi Krueger
Grum gives advice. 📷 Heidi Krueger
Relaxing before the race. 📷 Heidi Krueger
Queueing to launch. 📷 Heidi Krueger
Alex Boiko at the head of the launch queue. 📷 Heidi Krueger
It can all look like a bird’s nest until we fly like birds. 📷 Heidi Krueger
Preparing to launch. 📷 Heidi Krueger
“I can’t feel any wind back here, you might want to forward launch.” 📷 Heidi Krueger
Dan ready to launch. 📷 Heidi Krueger
Stylish. 📷 Heidi Krueger
Kari launches. 📷 Heidi Krueger
Experimental flying-side-kick launch. 📷 Heidi Krueger
Experimental backfly launch. 📷 Heidi Krueger
Dan launches. 📷 Heidi Krueger
Al Dickie launches. 📷 Heidi Krueger
Alex B launches. 📷 Heidi Krueger
In the air. Is that a fly? 📷 Heidi Krueger
Gliders above launch height. Looks like it’s on! 📷 Heidi Krueger
The gaggle gathers before the start. 📷 Heidi Krueger
Some pilots wait over an hour in the air above launch, but it’s time well spent getting a feel for the day. 📷 Heidi Krueger
In amongst the wispies.
A pre-start gaggle.
Mt. Mittamatite in the background. Looks like I’m in a good spot – notice the tiny gliders in the bottom-left corner .
Gareth Carter (overall winner) top right. Maybe Grum Rose bottom left.
Transitioning between thermals waiting for the start.
Kari top center.
A new experimental two-wing glider (just kidding).
Race open! The gaggle sets off. 📷 Heidi Krueger
That’s Corryong ahead, a nice big cloud marking the way. Probably the first glide after the start of a task.
Over Mt. Mittamatite, across the valley from launch on Mt. Elliot. It’s always a relief to have made this crossing and gotten up again.
A mid-race gaggle searching for lift.
During the last task, near the start. We’re getting a bit low. I’d rather be with the gaggle in the top left!
The last task had us racing up and down the Corryong valley under some nice big clouds.
A glider coming in to goal. 📷 Heidi Krueger
Al lands in goal. 📷 Heidi Krueger