The Corryong Paragliding Open took take place in February. There were nine current and recent members of ACTHPA taking part in this year’s Corryong PG Open, out of a field of 75 competitors:

  • Kari Ellis,
  • Cameron Lawrence,
  • Alistair Dickie,
  • Graham Rose,
  • Phil Robinson,
  • Alex Chapman,
  • Alex Boiko,
  • Daniel Thuillier and
  • Johno Quinn.

Alistair also sponsored the competition, giving away a stack of BlueFly varios for good sportsmanship or personal achievements.


Results are up on airScore. As are the tasks we flew.

  • Kari Ellis on her Enzo 3 came 1st in the women’s class, 19th overall after not flying in the last task. She also came in first place in tasks 3 and 4,
  • Graham Rose on his Cure 2 came 5th in the sports class, 30th overall,
  • Johno Quinn on his Zeno came 32nd,
  • Alistair Dickie on his Fusion came 42nd,
  • Cameron Lawrence on his Mentor 6 came 3rd in the fun class, 46th overall,
  • Alex Chapman on his Sigma 10 came 53rd,
  • Daniel Thuillier on his Rise 4 came 58th,
  • Phil Robinson on his Cure 2 came 64th, and
  • Alex Boiko on his Iota came 72nd.


There was great flying weather this year, with five taskable days. Take a look at Daniel “Wally” Arcidiacono’s Ayvri “Horse Race” compilations below to watch the races:

A task on the task board
Preparing to start
And we’re off running the ridge
Al and Cam cruising across a valley
Corryong in sight, flying with Dan

About the Corryong PG Open

The Corryong PG Open takes place every year, attracting some of the best pilots in the country, and a few from around the world. Corryong is only 3 1/2 to 4 hours’ drive from Canberra. It is a small town in a huge valley surrounded by hills and bordering the Snowy Mountains. It’s an amazing place to fly – easily one of the best in Australia. Mt. Elliot overlooks the town and offers plenty of height and plenty of thermals, and its easy launch and landing make it suitable for beginners as well. The only limitation is a requirement for a VHF endorsement to fly within the Corryong CTAF.

The view from over Mt. Elliot

From the Corryong Open website:

The Corryong Open is a high level AAA/CAT2 competition with 450 ladder Points available, it’s sanctioned by the HGFA and aimed at experienced inland intermediate to advanced rated pilots. If you fit this category of pilot we would love for you to come fly with us and experience the magic of flying cross country in Corryong. The Corryong open is the final AAA event of the Australian season and is therefore a pilots last chance to gain Ladder and team ladder points.


Daily prizes for task winners of all classes and unlimited prize pool for the final winners. Winning categories are :Intermediate class, Reynolds class (up to 90kg) Fun class, Sports class, Serial class, overall/open class. Please note, this competition is not open to un certified paragliders. Classes will be defined by EN certification. Overall prizes will be awarded at the presentation.