We held our first club meeting since the start of the pandemic at Spring Hill on Saturday September 5. The meeting was to start at 10am, but it was flyable, so what are you going to do? So we flew, and had the meeting when the wind got too strong for paragliders (the hang gliders were just starting to get into their element).


We had an elapsed-time task set for some friendly competition:

Here are the task details:

  • Type: Elapsed Time

  • Datum: WGS-84 Ellipsoid

  • SSS Crossing: Exit

  • Goal: Cylinder

  • SSS Open: 10:00

  • Task deadline: 18:00

  • Turnpoints:

    TakeoffSHL088-Spring Hill Launch
    SSSSHL088400mSpring Hill Launch
    SHN077400mSpring Hill N
    PCH0631.6kmPoachers Pantry
    SHL088800mSpring Hill Launch
    SHS084400mSpring Hill S
    ACH076400mAnchow Hill
    QKV068400mQuarry Kaveneys Rd
    NJR062400mNanima and Johnson Rd
    ESSSHL088800mSpring Hill Launch
    GOALSHL088400mSpring Hill Launch
  • Shortest path: 12.5km

  • Through centers: 19.3km