Three Canberra pilots took part in the Bright Open.


The final results were:

Canberra Pilots

  • Kari Ellis: 3rd overall, 1st woman,
  • Rafael Esquillaro: 33rd overall,
  • Johno Quinn: 45th overall, winner of the Reynolds class (flying a wing with a certified weight range of no more than 90kg).


  • 1st: Peter Slade
  • 2nd: Gareth Carter
  • 3rd: Kari Ellis


  • 1st: Kari Ellis
  • 2nd: Tomoko Yoshikawa
  • 3rd: Lucy Legget


  • 1st: Ari Sahlstrom
  • 2nd: Adam Stott
  • 3rd: Ron McKenzie


  • 1st: Brandon O’Donnell
  • 2nd: Brian Webb
  • 3rd: Brett Robinson


  • 1st: Ian Ladyman
  • 2nd: Tim Osborne
  • 3rd: Marie Attagniant


  • 1st: Johno Quinn

Task 1

Kalle Ojamo of Finland won this 39.91km task in a time of 1:02:15. It looks like it was a tough day to stay in the air, with only 34 out of 81 pilots completing the course.

The Canberra pilots’ results were:

  • Kari Ellis in 6th place in a time of 1:10:10,
  • Johno Quinn in 20th, in a time of 1:26:42,
  • Rafael Esquillaro in 35th, falling just short at 38.99km.

Task 2

Peter Slade won this 93.95km task in a time of 2:32:43. It was an even tougher course set by the task committee, with only 27 pilots making end-of-speed. Judging by the results it looks as if the Australian national team were flying as a team, with Gareth Carter, Kari Ellis and Felipe Rezende finishing less than a minute behind Peter Slade.

The Canberra pilots’ results were:

  • Kari Ellis in equal 3rd in a time of 2:33:29, now in 2nd overall,
  • Rafael Esquillaro in 26th at 65.65km, now 32nd overall,
  • Johno Quinn in 30th at 41.07km, now 29th overall.

Task 3

Peter Slade won this 75.45km task in a time of 2:25:18.

The Canberra pilots’ results were:

  • Kari Ellis in third in a time of 2:23:01 (lead-out points made Peter the winner despite five pilots beating him on time), still in 2nd overall,
  • Rafael Esquillaro was 11th in a time of 2:25:53, moving up 11 places to 23rd overall,
  • Johno Quinn was 53rd at 25.78km, now in 49th overall.

Task 4

Gareth Carter won this 45.09km task in a time of 1:38:58.

The Canberra pilots’ results were:

  • Kari Ellis in fourth in a time of 1:39:49,
  • Johno Quinn in 33rd at 37.66km when the task was stopped, with 25.5km of lead-out.
  • Rafael Esquillaro in equal 50th at 22.34km when the task was stopped, with 33.7km of lead-out.

About the Bright Open

Launching from Mystic in Bright. Photo by Dave Gibbs

Bright is a beautiful mountain town in Victoria, about five hours’ drive from Canberra. It is a regular flying destination for Canberra pilots, but is also a favourite for Melbourne pilots, interationals, and has a thriving local scene including several instructors.

From the Bright open website:

Bright Open 2020 is a Australian Nationals AAA Sanctioned, FAI Category 2 event.

This event is also the Fai Asian Oceanic Continental Paragliding Race Xc Championships TEST Event for the forthcoming 2020 1st FAI Cat1 A/O Continental Championships.

This year’s event will be organised by Wally Arcidiacono in conjunction with the Australian Paragliding Squad. Members of the Aust squad will be responsible for various aspects of the competition organisation prior to the competition start date. Any profits made will be directed back to the Aust Squad for training and coaching purposes.

Also, mentoring will be available to any pilot who wishes to have some mentoring. Those wishing to be mentored and those wishing to mentor, can you please contact Wally at

This event will also be running parallel with the Gundowring Open. :)