Cav Man had a piercing
Not an earlobe or his nose
An eagle hit him as he flew
Where the highway northwards flows

Then Joel took a hit as well
It made him rather edgy
To hear that high pitched scream
Of an angry swooping wedgy

The day before Dave Hanna
Found his situation hectic
But in true Dave Hanna manner
He just pulled an asymmetric

So I’d argue that Pete’s penguin
Remains a topic of debate
As a team of Lake George eagles
Has been active as of late

It was Cav Man asked the question
Has this been tried before ?
And Peter duly answered yes
By my hang gliding friend Igor

He doesn’t use a penguin
But hopes the birds will sicken
From chewing on the leg
Of his great big rubber chicken

Although Peter keeps insisting
The penguin’s doing fine
It sometimes gets entangled
As he’s hauling in the line

His one and only small concern
Is that a penguin is passé
As the eagle took no notice
When he flew the other day

So Peter’s in negotiation
With the household cat
Out of work, on benefits
And slowly getting fat

He will make the cat a harness,
Use a bungee, not a string
So pussy gets to bounce around
To oscillate and swing

Pete says he’s taken full account
Of the RSPCA
The cat will have a contract
With the lure of double pay

It’s chicken hearts if he survives
So he has no need to scrounge
Bowls of lovely clotted cream
And a cushion on the lounge

It seems to me a decent deal
To be a decoy for an eagle
And the terms and the conditions
Might be marginally legal

Soon such creative innovations
These forms of avian distraction
Could engage a lot of pilots
And become a main attraction

There be penguins, rubber chickens
And perhaps the household cat
Barbie dolls and spotted dogs
And other things like that

I can see a team out flying
With brightly coloured toys
And on the count of one two three
We’d deploy all our decoys

What self respecting eagle
Would want to stay around
And attack a fleet of flyers
As they sped above the ground

So it’s thanks to Peter Withell
This problem might be sorted
And the eagles flying at the lake
Might finally be thwarted

But the group has many talents
There’s no question we’re eclectic
We should also test the theory
Of the Hanna asymmetric